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Owner Losing Money on Sale of Luxury French Chateau Worth $11M.

Owner Losing Money on Sale of Luxury French Chateau Worth $11M.

French property does not improve than this an outstanding estate fit for any celebrity is now on sale. The incredible home is being cost a loss after designer Timothy Corrigan spent 12 years getting to the greatest standards.

Constructed in between 1760 and 1764, the landmarked Chateau du Grand-Luc in Francees Loire Valley was created by Mathieu de Bayeux for Jacques Pineau de Viennay, Baron de Luc. AD100 designer Timothy Corrigan saved the aging property a dozen years earlier and provided it a top-to-bottom overhaul;

The previous stables were converted into a theatre, and a surrounding structure houses a gym and online game space. There are likewise 2 greenhouses and six garages on the property.

The premises, about 74 acres, include manicured gardens and rolling fields. "The village grew up around supporting this chateau, so you stroll out the front gates and you're in this charming little French town with 2 boulangeries and a drug store, A helicopter pad rests on the property, a 20-minute flight from Paris.

Interior Description.

(3000 m2).

Ground Floor: Beyond the spacious and welcoming entry hall, is the stunning grand beauty salon, with its perfectly sculpted architectural and decorative aspects, and official gardens simply beyond. On the primary floor is the informal dining room, completely equipped cooking area with parquet de Versailles floors, pantry, den/television room and 2 powder rooms.

First Floor: A grand tuffeau limestone staircase causes a large corridor designated with sofas, chairs and bookcases. Each of the 9 bed rooms is distinctively decorated and has ensuite restrooms with showers. Four of the restrooms likewise have bathtubs.

2nd Floor: A wood staircase results in the 5 bed rooms on the 2nd floor with ensuite bathrooms providing a shower and bathtub. One bedroom has a restroom with shower located throughout the hall. There are two staircases to the first floor in addition to gain access to through a big elevator. 4 very large bed room suites are still in requirement of refurbishment.

The Formal Gardens: Unfolding straight behind the chateau is a long broad gravel alle with lawn beds and low hedges sculpted symmetrically and dotted with cone-shaped topiary shrubs on either side of it. To one side of this center parterre can be discovered a series of interconnected green spaces, or garden areas decorated with a fountain, statuary and a range of flowers. On the other side is added chamber de verdure.

The Exotic Garden: Located at a lower elevation than the formal parterre, the unique garden is surrounded by high walls which safeguard the distinct variety of floral species and provide privacy when swimming in the circular heated pool. 2 completely brought back greenhouses are likewise located as a part of the Exotic Garden.

The Kitchen Garden: Located listed below the official parterre, the pottager's quadrants are divided by 3 fountains. The Kitchen Garden includes: spring bulbs, seasonal flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables; so there is something of beauty to be discovered from early spring through late autumn. There are also apple and pear trees.

The Lake: Sitting at the property's low point, the lake forms a relaxing divide between the chateau's fully landscaped grounds and the semi-wild meadow that increases carefully up from it. Swans, geese and other wildlife are regular visitors.

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